Rye Saison

5.8% ABV

stone fruit Citrus Rustic

33B: 750ml

Stockists: 33A

LRS: High Point, Kits LCB, Legacy Liquor, Darby's, Brewery Creek, Firefly Cambie, The Gull, Cedar Cottage, Jericho BCLS, Kingsgate BCLS, Cambie & 39 BCLS

Brewers Notes:

An exploration using large percentages of rye in a North American-style, foeder fermented Brett Saison. Background grassy flavours lay the foundation for aromas of ripe stone fruit, citrus peel and classic Brettanomyces complexity. Drink now or cellar lovingly.

We used two different types of Citra hops – On the hot side we used Citra Noble, the debittered bract byproduct from the CryoHops process which results in a low flavour, low bittering potential hop that still shows some character of the varietal while also being reminiscent of classic european noble hop varieties. To accent the fermentation character and this baseline hop aroma we dry hopped with the regular Citra pellet that we know and love for it’s amazing grapefruit and tropical flavours. This all comes together to be a complex, dry and refreshing saison in an american style.